Now, from the makers of the TruckView Fresnel lens comes VanView.

This is a smaller lens, 6" wide by 8" high, it's easily attached directly to the van’s passenger side window glass without tools or adhesives, and is easily removed and reattached as needed.
It's suited for use with all vans, or other smaller transport vehicles with obstructed passenger side view.

Similar to the TruckView HGV lens, VanView attaches to the passenger side window, mitigating the blind spot that standard mirrors and window views do not cover, and also helps when manoeuvring into a tight loading bay or avoiding concrete bollards etc.

VanView has been designed for the specific blind spot on vans and other smaller transport vehicles, in cooperation with drivers.
For these wehicles the blind spot occurs on the passenger side directly aft of the door, and many drivers confirmed that there comes a moment where they are leaning over their steering wheel because they can’t see behind the "panel", or through their "rear passenger side window", to confirm that this critical area is clear.

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