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What�s a TruckView Fresnel lens?

Although TruckView is a visual device for drivers, it is not a mirror. It is a clear, thin, flat plastic lens that is press fitted to a truck�s passenger door window glass. Its concentric ring surface allows the driver to see through it directly, (so it�s not a reflected view) however its optical properties provide a downwards view close to and around the truck�s passenger door.TruckView therefore covers this mirror blind-spot which is the cause of so many accidents.



TruckView helps HGV drivers detect
other road users when:

  • Turning left, - Right Hand Trucks
  • Turning right, - Left Hand Trucks
  • Making Roundabout lane changes
  • Making Motorway Lane changes
  • Manoeuvre in �Tight spots�

  • VOSA�s Specification for the type of Fresnel lens to be used in a HGV.

    For your guidance, in regard to the choice of Fresnel lens offerings available in the marketplace, please note that it�s not advisable to use a standard caravan type Fresnel lens on a HGV.

    The TruckView� Fresnel lens is a special lens designed to VOSA�s size & specification with the required larger, more acute, downwards �Field of View�, so that vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists etc.,) can be seen from the HGV cab. Should you decide to purchase a Fresnel lens other than TruckView�, please ensure that it meets VOSA�s specification for use inside a HGV truck. (Please ask us for a copy of VOSA�s Fresnel lens specification).

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